1935-1940 Old Saltillo Rd Tupelo(now named Elvis Presley Dr)
Shotgun Shack built by Vernon with $180 in materials

1940 510 1/2 Maple Street, East Tupelo, MS
Rented house

Pascagoula, MS
May to June of 1943 Vernon took work in the ship yards on of Mississippi Gulf coast. The family
was so homesick they soon moved back to Tupelo.

1945 Berry Street, East Tupelo, MS
The Presley family bought this 4-room house on August 18, 1945 for $2,000, putting $200 down
and making payments of $30 month plus 6% interest.

Commerce Street, Tupelo, MS
They moved to this address July 18, 1946. They had no longer been able to make the payments
on their home on Berry Street and had been forced to sell it.

Mulberry Alley, Tupelo, MS
This home was near the fairgrounds in an area known as Shake Rag.

1010 North Green Street, Tupelo, MS
Documents show this address in September 1947.

370 Washington Street, Memphis, TN
Elvis' first home in Memphis was this rooming house where they paid $11 a week to live.

572 Poplar Ave., Memphis, TN
May 14, 1949 - Around this date they move to another rooming house. The rent was $9.50 a week.

185 Winchester Street, Apt. # 185, Memphis, TN
Sept. 20, 1949 Elvis and his family were accepted into this Memphis Housing Authority property
called Lauderdale Courts. This two-bedroom apartment cost them $35 a month. In February 1952
they were allowed to sign a new lease with the rent raised to $43 a month. By Nov. 17, 1952 they
were evicted because they made too much money
to live in assisted housing. The combined family income was $4,133.

698 Saffarans Street, Memphis, TN
Records show the family was living here during January 1953.

462 Alabama, Memphis, TN
By March 1953 the family was living in an apartment in this home for $50 a month.
1955 2414 Lamar Ave., Memphis, TN

1414 Getwell, Memphis, TN
In September 1955 this was their address and they paid $85 a month in rent.

March 1956 -1957 1034 Audubon Dr paid $29,100 from Welsh Plywood Corporation

3764 Elvis Presley Boulevard, Memphis, TN
On March 25, 1957 Elvis purchased Graceland for $102,500 from Mrs. Ruth Brown Moore. This
was his permanent home until he died here on August 16, 1977.

1967- 1974 Circle G Ranch

906 Oak Hill Drive, Killeen, TX
Home Elvis rented in 1958 during basic training at Ft. Hood, Texas.

Goethestrasse 14, Bad Nauheim, West Germany
Home Elvis rented in 1959/60 while serving in the US Army in Germany.

525 Perugia Way, Bel Air, CA
Elvis rented this home twice. September 1960 to November 1961 and January 1963 - 1965.

10539 Bellagio Rd., Bel Air, CA
Elvis rented this home from November 1961 to January 1963.

10550 Rocco Place, Bel Air, CA
Elvis rented this home in February 1966.

1174 Hillcrest Ave., Beverly Hills, CA
Elvis and Priscilla bought this home in November 1967 for $400,000.

144 Monovale, Holmby Hills, CA
Elvis and Priscilla bought this larger home in December 1970 for $339,000.

1350 Leadera Circle, Palm Springs, CA
Elvis leased this home on September 21, 1966
This was also the Honeymoon house where Lisa Marie was conceived.

Camino del Norte, Palm Springs, CA
Elvis and Priscilla rented this home in April 1968 while looking for one to buy.

845 Chino Canyon Rd., Palm Springs, CA
Elvis and Priscilla bought this home in April 1970 paying $13,187.83 down and signing a
mortgage for $85,000.

Penthouse Suite International Hotel now Las Vegas Hilton
This suite has been broken up into various rooms.