On February 27th 1969 a contract was finalized and Elvis would return on stage to the
International Hotel for four weeks in August. Starting in early July Elvis held daily
rehearsals at RCA's studios in Hollywood, on July 31st did two complete dress
rehearsals in the International's showroom and was now ready to face the crowd.

Listed as chronologically as possible, cross referenced from various sources. A photo
of Elvis wearing each specific suit is added where available.

Note ...Some suits were only worn once or twice and no photos may exist of Elvis
wearing them on stage.

Elvis returned to the Vegas stage on July 31st
1969 For his first show a VIP only show. Elvis
wore a black two piece suit believed to be the
same one he wore at the press conference.

Little information exists about this suit
Possibly only worn once or twice during the '69
season. A rare picture of Elvis on stage in the
suit is seen here.
White Two Piece Suit (Short Jacket)
Black Two Piece Suit (Short Jacket)

Again very little information exists for this suit
other than This Two Piece suit was worn In the
summer season at the International Hotel 1969.
Another rare pic shown here.
White Karate Two Piece Suit

There are 4 different coloured versions of these
suits. All identical though sometimes worn with
different belts. They are known as both the
Herringbone and the Cossack suits
Black Karate Two Piece Suit

As stated above. There are 4 versions of these
suits. Here we have the black one worn with
the unusual red and black belt.

Probably the rarest of the 4 suits is the Brown
version Not many pictures exist of Elvis on
stage in this. One of those rare shots is shown
Blue Karate Two Piece Suit

Finally we have the Blue version of the 4 suits.
Elvis tended to prefer darker colours on this
first season in Las Vegas. All were worn during
the summer engagement.
Brown Karate Two Piece Suit

White pearl aka On Stage suit (first 'jumpsuit'
worn after the karate and two piece suit on 26/1
/70) aka Cossack Suit
White Pearl / Cossack Suit
Beaded Fringe Suit

A favourite among Elvis fans the world over.
here are a few dates that this suit was worn
September 9, 1970 (8:30 pm). Phoenix, AZ.
September 12, 1970 (3:00 pm) Miami, FL.
September 14, 1970 (8:30 pm) Mobile, AL.
November 12, 1970 (8:30 pm) Seattle, WA
Black Tapestry Jumpsuit

Possibly two of the rarest suits in the Elvis
wardrobe..The Black  and white Tapestry aka
Sleek Suits.  Here they are both on display.
Also added is believed to be just about the
only picture known to exist of Elvis wearing
the black suit. Date unknown
Blue Tapestry Jumpsuit

Here we have the Blue tapestry suit or as its
become more commonly known the Aqua Suit
Famously worn during one of Elvis' legendary
shows at the Houston Astrodome  March 1st
White Tapestry Jumpsuit

As with the Blue version above this white
version also known as the White Sleek suit was
worn at one of the Houston Astrodome shows
this time on February 27th 1970 (2pm)
Green Tapestry Jumpsuit

The fourth and final version of the Tapestry
suits. This one the Green tapestry suit also
called the Green Leaf suit again worn at the
Astrodome on March 27th 1970 (7.45pm)
The Concha Jumpsuit

The Concha suit one of Elvis' most famous
suits worn and immortalized along with the
Chain suit in the movie Elvis Thats The Way It
Is. Concha is the Mexican word for metal ring
hence the ring design on the suit
The Chain Jumpsuit

As stated above The chain suit though worn
frequently during 1970 it is forever remembered
as being worn on stage in the movie Thats The
Way It Is as Elvis gave one of his electrifying
White Lace / White Ribbed Suit

Once considered rare photographically
speaking but over the last couple of years this
suit has yielded some very good stage shots.
This suit was worn in November 1970

This Jumpsuit is simple in design and follows
the style of similar Jumpsuits of this period.
Nail Swirl Suit

During the November tour Elvis wore a suit
called “Nail Swirl”. Other people will recognize
it as “Apache”. Elvis had two identical
versions. When Elvis liked a suit very much he
would order a second or a third version. This
way he was able to wear it more often.

The suit is also known as the I Got Lucky Suit
due to its appearence on the Album cover of
the same name.
Red Ladder Suit

Worn several times during 1970 and known for
its distinct Red Snakeskin design with
matching sash belt. Some great footage of Elvis
in this suit can be seen on the great Lost
Performances Video / dvd
Metal Eye Suit

Here's a photograph of a very rare jumpsuit,the
latter attire is being named "Metal Eye
jumpsuit"and was taken during the first week of
his August 1970 season, which means that the
MGM cameras were there too.
Wing Suit / Short and Long Fringe Suit

Elvis found the Wing /Long Fringe Suit too
restrictive to wear on stage as he kept getting
tangled up in the long tassles. Believed to have
only been worn once November 14, 1970. (8:30
pm) Los Angeles, CA. Other dates unknown if
any. There was also a short fringed version of
the suit. Both suits were on display at Graceland
The Knot Suit

Here we have the ulta- rare Knot Suit... This is
one of the only pictures of Elvis wearing the
suit though it has been said he did wear it on
stage two or three times. Again this is a very
rare suit.
Black Fireworks Suit

The Black Fire Works Suit worn several times
in 1971. The picture right taken November 11,
1971 (8:30 pm). Cincinnati, OH.
Turquoise Concho Jumpsuit / Now Jumpsuit

The Turquoise Concho Suit is a favourite among
many fans and has become more commonly
known as the Now suit after a photo of Elvis
wearing the suit appeared on the cover of his
Elvis Now album.
Black Matador

The Black Matador also known as The Black
Pinwheel Suit was worn throughout 1971 and
even into 1972. Worn usually with the now  
legendary Gold Belt, though here is a shot
without the belt. The suit came with a
matching cape. This would become the norm
from now on.
The Cisco Kid Suits

Finally we have the Black and sky blue version
of the suits. On all the suits both sides of the
lapels a star shape done in gold nails. Smaller
sized stars appeared on the backside of the
arms and along the legs. There was also a
bigger star on the backside of the suit.

Next up we have the more popular Black and
Green version of the suit. This was worn a little
more frequently than the others.

Here we have the Black and Red version. Like
the other versions worn mainly during the
August 1971 Las Vegas engagement

Here we have the first of the so called Cisco
Kid Suits. There were several different
variations made some long sleeve versions and
some sleeveless versions. The one seen here
is the White and Black version

Here we have one of the Sleeveless versions
worn mainly offstage by Elvis. These two piece
versions. were usually worn with a white shirt
underneath. The one seen here is the Black and
light blue one. These two-pieces were done in
black, white, light blue and lilac. There was also
a cream and a light blue version without the
leather shoulders.
White Snowflake Suit

Next up we have the White Snowflake Suit worn
several times between November 71 and April
72. The suit is also known as the Spectrum
Red Lion Suit

After the introduction of the proto type jumpsuit
on closing night September 6th 1971 more
different suits in the same style came out! The
first in line to make its debut was the “White
Matador”, for most fans better known as “Red
White Fireworks Suit

Next up for 1971 we have the White Fireworks
suit. Many fans believe this suit is from 1972,
but it was actually first worn on stage in Nov
'71. The suit was accompanied with a sky blue
lined cape.
Cobweb Suit

This is again a very rare suit called the Cobweb
Suit. It was worn on what is believed to be only
one or two occasions. The picture here was
taken at the Sahara Tahoe during the summer
season there in 1971
Sleeveless Cisco Kid Rare On Stage

Just found is this ultra rare shot of Elvis
wearing one of the sleeveless two piece Cisco
Kid suits on stage. Date Unknown
Square Nail Suit

Finally we have what is known as the Square
Nail or White Nail suit. This is the first photo
we have found of Elvis wearing this suit.
Possibly a suit worn only once or twice.
Ladder Suit #2

Another extremely rare suit here seems to be of
a similar design to the better known Ladder
suit..No information of when this photo was
taken is known at this time.

We start of 1972 with the Classic Burning Love
suit also known as Red Matador. Elvis was
said not to have liked it too much though he did
wear it several times and certainly didnt mind
showing it off in his hotel room ..See pic
Burning Love / Red Matador Suit
Royal Blue Fireworks / Owl Suit

Here is the Royal Blue Fireworks Suit more
lovingly know as the Owl Suit due to Elvis
pointing out its Owl belt to the audience during
the filming of Elvis On Tour. Worn with
matching cape with silver lining.
Adonis Suit

Opposite is the White Adonis suit. This was
most famously worn by Elvis at his Legendary
Madison Square Garden Concerts in June 1972.
Worn with the Gold belt and Gold lined cape it
was quite spectacular.
Tiffany Suit

The Tiffany Suit worn several times during
1972. One of several Light Blue suits Elvis
wore during this year. Although this suit came
with its own belt. Elvis again preferred to wear
this with his favourite Gold belt.
Black Pyramid / Butterfly Suit

Here we have the Black Pyramid or Butterfly
suit. It was rarely worn by Elvis and not may
photos have surfaced of him in the suit. The
picture opposte shows it in all its glory with
matching gold lined cape.
White Pyramid Suit

The White Pyramid Suit. Forever immortalized
on the cover of the legendary Live at Madison
Square Garden album, but never worn at any of
the 4 shows Elvis gave there in June of 1972.

The first of two suits named Way Down this
one is the Black version also known as The
Black Conquistador. November the 12th 1972
saw the debut of the Black Conquistador, there
were two suits made with this design the
other was the White Conquistador, this suit
was not worn Until March 1, 1974
Black Way Down Suit
White Way Down Suit

As stated above The white version of this suit
wasn't actually worn untill 1974 but was most
certainly made in 1972 so we have included it
here along with the more well known black
version to show the two suits together
Blue Swirl Suit

The Blue Swirl suit here is commonly thought
to be from 1973 but was infact first worn in Las
Vegas between February and September of
1972 The suit was often worn with a blue sash
type belt ,but here we have it with its original
belt and matching silver lined cape.

Here we have another of the suits Elvis wore
during his famous appearances at Madison
Square Garden. Infact he wore this twice at
Madison, once on June 10th and once on June
11th. Called the White Eyelet but more well
known to fans as The Porthole or Double
Porthole suit.
White Eyelet / Porthole suit
Thunderbird / Phoenix Suit

Here we have the Thunderbird or Phoenix
jumpsuit another of those suits more
associated with 1973 but again first worn in
1972 on November 11th in Oakland California.
Often worn with a different belt the pic here
shows the original belt for the suit.
Blue Nail Suit

The Blue Nail suit forever made famous by the
1972 movie Elvis On Tour where Elvis was
filmed on stage at Hampton Road VA on Apr
9th giving one of his great performances of
that year
Saturn / Planet Suit

Here we have the Saturn /Planet suit due to its
space looking design. Worn occasionally
during 1972 also sometimes called the Comet
Suit. Again Elvis liked to wear his gold belt
with this suit.
Light Blue Grass / Wheat Suit

More widely called the Wheat suit .. This is the
third suit Elvis worn during his 4 show
appearance at New Yorks Madison Square
Garden in June 1972. Worn at the afternoon
show this suit had a matching gold lined cape.
White Two Piece Suits

During many Vegas shows Elvis took to
wearing several white Two Piece suits with
Various Shirts as accompaniment Here we see
a version with Black pockets and a ultra rare
pattern lined Black cape from June '72.

This White Two Piece suit has laced pockets
and was worn with a funky light blue shirt
under the jacket.

This version of the White two piece suits has
Green pockets and buttons and a matching
green lined cape. Again worn with a shirt

The second of three identical Two pieces suits
is the White and Red version. As with the green
version this one has red pockets and buttons
and red lined cape.

Finally we have what we believe to be the light
blue or aqua version as with the previous two
it has matching pockets, buttons and lined

Next up is the Spanish Flower two piece suit
said to be lilac but hard to tell from pictures.
Suit comes with silver embroidery and
matching silver lined cape.

Last up is the White Dude two piece suit. Has a
white lined cape and looks to be worn with the
belt similar or pehaps the same one from the
Now Jumpsuit. Seen here with a striking blue

We start off 1973 with what is possibly the
most famous of all of Elvis's jumpsuits the
American Eagle or as its more affectionately
known the Aloha suit. Made and worn for his
legendary live satellite show from Hawaii on
Jan 14th 1973. Elvis was said to have wanted
something that said America for the show and
the Eagle design in red white and blue with
matching belt and cape was the finished
American Eagle Suit
Aqua Blue Vine Suit

The Aqua Blue Vine made its debut during
Elvis’ 1973 Summer Festival August/September
in Las Vegas. On the suit (front, back, arms,
legs and collar) is a flower like pattern made
out of nine lapis lazuli stones. Between these
flower runs a pattern of gold nails.
Black Spanish Flower (Red Stones)
Black Spanish Flower (Green Stones)

The first of two suits called Black Spanish
Flower. This version is set with red stones.
Worn on various occasions in '73 and 74.
These are among the first of the more
elaborate designed suits that were to follow.

Identical in every detail to the above suit
except this one is set with green stones. Once
again the suit worn several times in '73 and '74
Orange Target / Starburst Suit

Here we have once again the first of two suits
of similar design. This one the Orange Target /  
Starburst also known to the fans as the Raised
On Rock suit due to its inclusion on the cover
of the album of the same name. First worn
April 23 1973 in California.
Blue Target / Starburst Suit

The Blue Target / Starburst is a very similar
design to the orange one above though not
quite as many stones are used on this suit. It
is said to have been worn in '73 but was worn
mostly the following year. Gene Doucette
confirmed that there was also a Red Target aka
Red Sunburst with matching cape and red
lining, although we have seen no picture

Here is the Fire Jumpsuit also known as the
Red Flower suit. First worn April 1973 and also
during March of 1974. Dates Jumpsuit Worn:
April 22, 1973 (3.00 pm). Phoenix, AZ.
April 28, 1973. (3.00 pm). Spokane, WA.
June 23, 1973 (8:30 pm). Uniondale, NY.
March 17, 1974 (2:30 pm) Memphis, TN.

The Lava suit also known as the Amber suit  
was again one of those suits very rarely worn
by Elvis. Similar in appearance to the Red
Flower suit, it was first worn on Sept 1st 1973.
The picture seen is from Vegas of '73 date not

The Egyptian Pharaoh or as it is more
commonly called Today Suit was worn several
times between April and July of 1973. A shot
of Elvis in this suit was used on the Today
album cover , whilst the shot seen appeared
on the Canadian Tribute Album cover.

This is the common White Nail Studded suit
worn regularly through 1973 and 1974. It was
one of two suits made with the same design
the other the very rare mirrored version is seen

A rarely worn suit here. The Gold Vine suit was
as far as we know worn a couple of times for
the Jan/Feb season in Vegas in '74 and
possibly once or twice in 1973 itself.

Here is the Suit Elvis famously wore at the Mid
South Coliseum in Memphis 1974 during the
show that was recorded and became the As
Recorded Live In Memphis album. It was
however first worn during Aug / Sept 1973 in
Las Vegas. Elvis famously dubbed this suit
The Kitchen Sink.
Fire / Red Flower suit
Egyptian Pharaoh Suit
Gold Vine Suit
Lava Suit
Arabian / Memphis Suit
White Nail Studded Suit
White Nail Mirrored Suit

This is the rare mirrored version of the Nail
suit ..It is said to have been worn in 1973
though we have no picture from then. This is a
shot from the Houston Astrodome in 1974.
Blue Snowflake Suit

The Blue Snowflake suit worn during Elvis
engagements in 1973. The suit came with
matching blue lined cape. First worn April 26
1973. (8:30 pm). San Diego, CA.
White Spanish Flowers suit

Here we have a picture of Elvis backstage
wearing the White Spanish Flower suit. We
have yet to find a photo of Elvis on stage in
this one.
Blue Rain Suit

This is the Blue Rain suit. It is also known by
fans as the Nashville suit, and was worn a few
times in '73. One of two suits made this one
has a blue raindrop design the other is
Multi-colourd Rain Suit

Here we have a picture of the Multi-coloured
rain suit on display along with the Blue Rain
suit. No pictures have yet surfaced of Elvis on
stage in this suit.
Light Blue Teal Suit

Finally for 1973 we have a suit we know very
little about the Light Blue Teal suit. This suit
has been out on display at some stage and is
said to be from 1973. Again no pictures of
Elvis wearing it have surfaced so far.
Aztec Sundial Suit

Also thought to be from 1977 is the Arabian or
as its better known the King Of Spades suit.
As with the sundial suit above this was infact
first worn at Lake Tahoe in Nevada in 1974.

Starting off 1974 we have two suits that a lot
of fans think are from 1977. First up is the
famous Aztec Sundial Suit that Elvis wore for
his last ever show but it was first worn in '74
at Lake Tahoe in Nevada.
Arabian / King Of Spades
Tiger Suit

This suit is the Tiger Suit or Mad Tiger as some
call it. This was only worn for a short time
during 1974. Here are a few of the dates Elvis
wore the suit.
September 30 1974. (8:30 pm) South Bend, IN.
October 5 1974 (2:30 pm) Indianapolis, IN.
October 7 1974 (8:30 pm) Wichita, KS
Blue Swirl / Rainbow Suit

Next up is the Blue Swirl  Suit also known as
the Rainbow Suit because of its obvious
rainbow type design. Elvis wore this suit
regularly during both 1974 and 1976. This photo
was taken Sept 28th 1974 in Maryland.
American Eagle 2

Here we have the second American Eagle suit.
Its design is much more bolder than the Aloha
version and contains less jewels on the arms
etc, and has a completely different design of
belt. Worn regularly during '74 and '75
Chinese Dragon Suit

Here we have the Chinese Dragon Suit so
called because of its obvious design featuring
an Oriental Dragon. The suit was first worn
during Elvis' autumn tour (Sept and Oct) of this
Black Phoenix Suit

Next up we have the first of a group of suits
known as the Phoenix suits. Elvis wore these
over the next couple of years. This one is the
Black Phoenix and although worn for the first
time in '74 this suit will always be associated
with Elvis' New Years Eve show in Pittsburg
Dec 31st 1976.
Torquoise Phoenix Suit

We follow on with another version of the
phoenix suit. This one is the Torquoise Phoenix
also known as Blue Phoenix because of its
obvious Blue Coloured Design. The suit was
worn May and June of this year.
Egyptian Suit

This is the Egyptian Suit or as its otherwise
known The Inca Gold Leaf Suit. It comes with a
spectacular Indian Chief Belt. The suit was
worn as per several other suits from this year
...Both in '74 and again in '76.
Peacock Suit

This suit is said to be Elvis' favourite
according to several sources throughout the
Elvis World. The Blue Peacock suit was
certainly a regular throughout 1974.
Leather Two Piece Suits

In Las Vegas this year Elvis took to wearing
various Leather two piece suits. Here are a
selection of the ones we have photos of. First
up is one called the Emperor or Native Flower
suit due to its design.

This suit is called the Mermaid or Rainfall suit
...Very similar in design to the Emperor suit  
but with a raindrop type design on the
shoulders. The suit was first worn 19th Aug in
Red Phoenix Suit

The Red Phoenix although worn more in 1975
was actually first worn by Elvis in Las Vegas
August 1974. Again the suit was one of many  
used for a few years.

Two piece brown leather suit aka Wine glass
(due to design on front). Worn August 30th 1974
Las Vegas midnight show. opposite is a very
rare pic of Elvis on stage in the suit. Hard to
see the design so we have added a back stage
shot for you.

Finally...A suit we dont have any info on at the
moment. Looks very similar to the Mermaid
suit but the red stitching design on the pants
and shoulders are deffinately different.
Silver Phoenix Suit

First up for 1975 is another of the Phoenix
suits, this one called the Silver Phoenix due to
its silver design this time on a dark blue suit.
Elvis wore this suit extensively between May
of this year and March of 1976.
Indian Feather Suit

Here is the Indian Feather suit also known as
the Chief suit. Based on an obvious native
indian theme the suit had two different belts.
The pic shown here has the Indian Chief one.
This suit was worn regularly through '75,'76
and '77.
Rainfall Suit

Here we have the Rainfall suit. Most fans
believe this suit to be from 1976 but it was
infact first worn in December of 1975. A pretty
straight forward design of a white suit with
raindrop like design on it.
Chicken Rib Suit

Here we have a group of new style suits with a
puffed sleeve and very over the top designs.
First up is the Chicken Rib suit also known as
Black Aztec and Bear Claw. Worn between July
75 and April 76.

Next up is the Gypsy Suit otherwise known as
Eskimo Totem Pole. Again the suit has an over
elaberate design and was worn for Elvis' July
tour of 1975.
Gypsy Suit
V-Neck Suit

The V-Neck suit is around the Elvis world said
to be by far his worst looking stage outfit. with
its huge V-neck and patterend puffy sleves it
does little for Elvis. First worn on the last day
of 1975 but mainly through 1976
Two Piece Suits

As in 1972 Elvis had a phase of wearing two
piece suits for several of his '75 engagements.
First up is a Dark Blue two piece with light
blue armadillo small scales on the shoulders.

Here we have a Navy Blue two piece with red,
yellow and white flames on the shoulders.
This suit was worn on May 6, 1975 (8:30 pm).
Murfreesboro, TN

Here we have the Dark Blue two piece with
large Armadillo scales on the shoulders. The
suit was worn on the following dates.
April 24, 1975 (8:30 pm) Macon, GA.
April 27, 1975 (2:30 pm) Lakeland, FL.
May 4, 1975 (2:30 pm) Lake Charles, LA.

The Large Red Armadillo two piece suit. The
scales on the shoulders for this suit are very
similar to the above suit apart from the colour.
First worn on stage on
April 26. 1975 (2:30 pm) Tampa, FL.

Here is the Penguin Suit. Elvis had a number of
this style in various colours: 2 very similar
black and white versions, blue with dark blue
and brown with tan. They all had matching
chokers and were aka Two Tone Street suits -
Elvis sometimes wore them as daywear. The
black and white  was worn on stage 19/8/75
midnight show Las Vegas.

This is the White Two piece suit with blue
trim, blue shirt aka Benefit Suit so named after
Elvis first wore it April 25th 1975 at the
Veterans Memorial in Jacksonville, and again
later in the year in Las Vegas.

This is a rare outfit, believed to be the
Western Fringe Suit worn at the Opening Night
Invitation only show 18/3/75 in Las Vegas.
Cream sleeveless coat, black and red eagle on
the back, with black and red fringes, black
trousers white shirt, matching belt with the
same eagle design on the buckle. This is the
only picture evidence of it.

Finally a suit we dont know much about. Its
been on display at Graceland at some stage
and is probably going by the design from this
year as per the other two piece suits, though
it could be from '76. We have no photo of Elvis
in this suit so far.
Flame Suit

First for 1976 is the Flame Suit. Only 3 new
suits were made for this year, this one came in
white with a bright red and yellow flame
design across the chest. The photo opposite
was taken Oct 26th in Daytona FL.
White Bicentennial Suit

This is the first of two Bicentennail suit worn
exstensively this year. Also known as the
White Egyptian Bird or the White Prehistoric
Bird. The suit was again designed with the
puffed sleeve look. Worn throughout 1976.
Blue Bicentennial Suit

Last up is the Blue Bicentennial suit also
known as Blue Egyptian Bird or Blue
Prehistoric Bird. A carbon copy of the white
version with the colours reversed. Once again
the suit was worn throughout 1976.
Unfinished Suit

For Elvis' tours of 1977 he would use suits
from the past couple of years. The only new
suit commissioned was this light blue and
silver suit which was not finished in time for
the tours. Rumour has it that the suit was to
be used on the tour that never was starting
Aug 17th 1977.
Aztec Sundial (Last Suit Worn)

On June 26th 1977 Elvis gave his last ever
concert in Indianapolis. He wore the Aztec
Sundial suit one last time. Just over six weeks
later on Aug 16th 1977 the day before he was
to go out on tour again he passed away at
Graceland aged just 42 years old.
Our thanks go out to Carol and Brenda who have put the stageware information for
this page together. It is as full and complete to the best of our knowledge. Any new
information or suits to appear will be added as and when they arise.
The Lace Suit

A new addition to 1970 is this recently found
picture. On contacting Butch Polston he
confirmed it as the Lace suit worn in early 1970
though yet to find a pic of Elvis in the suit it  
has previously been on display at Graceland.
Short Tassel /Star Tassel Suit

Here we have what we believe is The Short
Tassel / Star Tassel Suit. The photo is dated
Aug 18th 1971 Las Vegas.